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Packing Carton Box:

Packing carton box is use to protect and pack items from any scratch and damage. Carton Box is a world-wide usable product not only in UAE. We provide carton box for sale in Dubai, Sharjah and all over UAE if you have any requirements to buy boxes online in UAE. We provide different sizes and qualities. When you are looking for any size of box in Dubai , Sharjah, UAE here you will find many sizes but if your requirements are not listed in this boxes online website then you can place a special order according to your needs we can manufacture and print any kind of box and Design.

Requirements for Special Order:

You can order especially for carton boxes (Moving Boxes, Packing Boxes, Gift Boxes, TV Boxes or any) but there is a limit that you have to order for minimum 250 or 300 boxes to manufacture new and you should wait for 10 days after order boxes.

Types of Carton/Cardboard Boxes:

There are many types and kinds of boxes in Dubai, Sharjah and all over UAE like,

  • 1. Boxes which are used for packaging Purposes like Moving Boxes.
  • 2. Special boxes for Gifts or other special items.
  • 3. Boxes which are used for specific items like TV, LED, Monitor, Computer,      Laptop etc.

Corrugated Roll in UAE:

Corrugated Roll is a hard and strong paper which is use for packing purposes. The Carton or Cardboard box is also combination of Corrugated Roll or sheet. Corrugated Roll is made by vertical strong lines there are joint from four to five thin papers which is become a strong carton roll. Carton roll in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE available in any size and any weight.

Bubble Roll / Bubble Wrap in UAE:

Bubble roll is combination of air and plastic which is become and known as a bubble wrap use for packaging purposes in Dubai, Sharjah, and anywhere in UAE. Bubble wrap is especially very beneficial for glasses which are need to be pack in carton boxes or in any other thing. If you are looking to buy bubble roll or looking bubble shop near me so you arrived on accurate place. Also peoples are use bubble wrap for wood and electronics items. Feel free to contact us for any kind of packaging materials in UAE.

Clear Tape, Brown Tape, Masking Tape:

Buy clear Tape in UAE:

Clear Tape is a transparent Plastic and Glue which is use for packing. Most Clear tape is use for Gifts, and personal items wrapping it’s invisible on any object and seems very shinny.

Buy Brown Tape:

Brown tape is not brown colored tape use for packaging purposes mostly usage on carton boxes. This kind of tape is not transparent you can see easily if anywhere used. If you are looking for brown tape in Dubai then please contact us.

Masking Tape in Dubai:

Masking tape is a white paper tape use for packaging and naming purposes. You can use it for naming things like if you are sending something outside of the country or anywhere you can use it on your luggage and Boxes.

Stretch Film Roll Dubai:

Are you looking for a stretchable plastic for packing your items?
If yes read this! We provide stretch film roll in Dubai and all over UAE film roll is use for tight wrapping of items.

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About our Service and products

Our Products are we mentioned in website if you are looking for packaging materials in dubai, sharjah, or other emirate of UAE. We Provide All kind of packaging materials like Carton box, bubble roll, stretch film roll in dubai, sharjah, abu dhabi, ajman, and all over UAE.